Saturday, September 27, 2014

An Introduction

I am planning the second JOFCon to take place in suburban Minneapolis on October 9-11 2015.

JOFs are Journeymen of Fandom, including Journeywomen, Journeypersons, Journeybots, Journeyfolk, Journeyfen, Journeyworkers, & Journeyplatypi. 
All are welcome, so long as they’re interested in learning more about fanac (“fannish activities”). We believe everyone has something to learn, and something to teach.
More generally about JOFs:
We have an active Facebook Group for JOFs, which anyone can join.
The general tone we like to take as a group is as follows.
Please try to remember that your way is not the only way. There are a vast number of solutions to just about any problem a con needs to solve, and it’s likely been done many ways in the past. Do not mistake your experiences for the One True Fannish Way.
Please treat each other like adults. Don’t talk down to others, badger them, or personally attack them.
We have a facebook event set up, and I'm using that for some initial planning around room blocks & the like.

Here are some basic FAQs so far:

What are your dates?

Do you have a hotel?
We are almost ready to sign with a hotel in the Twin Cities metro area.  We will have more information about the hotel after the contract is confirmed. Room rates are yet to be announced, but should be in the $100-$110 range. 

What will programming be like?
JOFCon will have a single track of programming.  We will have a hospitality suite as well for breakout discussion. There may be other activities going on at the convention as well. We expect a mix of pre-planned items as well as items chosen by the membership in an open programming plan format.  

What types of conventions will be covered?
Any type of "geeky" convention will be welcome: Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions of any range of literary and media, Anime conventions, comic conventions, furry convention, horror conventions, and if you feel like you fit at all in that area, you are welcome.  We will discuss issues related both to locally fixed conventions and travelling conventions.

Why did you pick that date?
We wanted to minimize conflicts, especially locally.  We wanted to avoid the spring or summer because Marscon, Minicon, Anime Detour, and CONvergence all take place and are organizationally busy during that time. The first weekend of October is traditionally the MCBA Fall Comics Convention, and the third weekend is Anime Fusion. At the time of date selection, there is no MNSTF Fallcon in place, and I intend to work with MNSTF to avoid any conflict.

When can I register?
It is my intention to have registration set up VERY VERY soon. We're still finalizing budgeting, but we are aiming for memberships in the $40-$60 range.

I work with another convention or fannish organization.  Can we sponsor something at JOFCon?
Absolutely yes! Please contact Michael!

Do you need more help?
Absolutely!!!!!!  We will be having organizational meetings in the coming weeks to build out the committee for the convention. Please contact Michael for that info.