Monday, September 21, 2015

Day Memberships for JOFCon!

Life is busy.

We tried hard to avoid conflicts, but still, and inevitably conflicts exist.  Maybe it is MCBA Fallcon (which we tried, but failed, to avoid).  Maybe it is NerdCon (which I'm sure didn't know about us, and we didn't know about them, before they rolled into town).  Maybe you can't commit to a full weekend the first weekend after Renaissance Festival.

While CONvergence is scheduling one of its programming brainstorming sessions during JOFCon, we also plan to have CONvergence programming brainstorming AT JOFCon so you don't have to worry about that conflict...

But given all that, we are going to offer a number of Day Memberships for JOFCon at $25 a day.  You can find them on our Registration Page.  While we hope you can join us for the whole weekend, we understand if you can't!


  1. What is the Schedule? When do things start on each day? How early Friday and how late on Sunday?

  2. We'll have more details about the schedule soon. Friday is sometime in the afternoon -- we don't expect lots of people to take the day off -- but Sunday will probably run until until the evening. Start time will probably be around 10:00 AM, though breakfast gatherings are good.

  3. Glad to hear about the CONvergence brainstorming session at Jofcon. I was a bit grumbly-mumbly when I received the email about the brainstorming session on October 10.