Convention Committee & Job Descriptions

JOFCon may be a small convention, but we still need staff & volunteers!   Below we've listed all of the positions, the person currently assigned to it, and a short job description.  Many of the roles (especially positions listed as staff) can use multiple people, and we hope that Many Hands Make Light Work.

If you are interested in filling one of these roles, or have any questions, or would like to suggest and additional role that you would like to fill, please contact Michael Lee.

Chair: Michael Lee

Everything not assigned to someone below :)

Pre-Con Registration & Finance: Michael Lee

Handles setting up the registration system & makes the budget.

At-Con Registration:

This person will make sure that we have badges with names on it and check in members.

At-Con Registration Staff: Heather Keen, Adam Beaton

Assist in checking in members and distributing badges at the convention.

Consuite: Alicia LaMunion

Organize all of the food & drink in our hospitality suite.

Consuite Staff: Joel Philips

Help serve food, help keep the consuite clean, other food-and-hospitality related tasks.

Publications: Danielle McKay

Create the at-con program guide with a list of program items.

Restaurant Guide: Doug Yoder

Survey the local restaurants & produce online and printed document for the membership.

Hotel : Michael Lee

Set up the contract with the hotel.  Be the primary contact with the hotel.

Hotel Staff: Stephanie Zuercher

Help with any hotel needs on site, and serve as secondary contacts with the hotel. Help with hotel resume.

Programming : Ann Totusek

JOFcon's programming is primarily a series of facilitated discussions.  The programming chair will help organize subjects and facilitators, both pre-convention and at convention.

Discussion Facilitators: Tim Wick

Each programming discussion will have a facilitator to make sure that all participants have a chance to be heard, and manage the conversation.

Poster Session Organizer: Heather Bufkin

This event will be some activity to allow various conventions, convention bids, and organizers to explain their activity, recruit volunteers, and discuss their biggest challenges.  This organizer will work out the precise details of this event & make sure that it's communicated to the potential membership. (The precise title may change based on the nature of the event!)

Meal Ambassadors: Tim Wick

The convention has a goal that no one should eat a meal alone at JOFCon.  Groups may be based around some sort of mutual interest, but we also want to encourage people to eat meals with people that they wouldn't normally get a meal with.

Geek Partnership Society Event Horizon Tour:

On Friday afternoon we would like to have a tour of the GPS Event Horizon facility, especially for out-of-town members and other members who have not seen the space before.  This person will facilitate this visit, including helping to organize transportation from the hotel to the GPS facility.

Tabletop Gaming:

We invite members to bring their own tabletop games to play for times when they aren't interested in the current programming discussion.  This person will help to manage any spaces devoted to tabletop gaming.

Listeners: Crystal Huff

These people will be available to listen to any concerns and escalate to the chair or other members of the committee as appropriate.  They will help to support the Code of Conduct.

Artists: Dan Berger

Make art with platypi on them.

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