Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Program Guide & Its Inevitable First Update

With JOFCon starting tomorrow, we have The JOFCon MSP 2015 Program Guide.

Of course, given that no battle plans survive first contact with the enemy, we do have one exciting addition! We've added a program item at 3 pm on Friday! Jessica Jutz from the City of Bloomington Health Department will be presenting to us on "How to neither kill your guests in the ConSuite, nor make them wish they were dead."


  1. Just a note to attendees - Unofficial events are listed in this blog's previous post, but did not make it into the printed guide due to space limitations. Those are:
    MnStf Board Meeting – 7 pm Friday, Room of Requirement
    CONvergence Programming Brainstorming- 10 am- 1 am Sunday- Room of Requirement

  2. Being a CONvergence SubHead, I would like to attend this, but can't get off work on short notice. If she is using a Power Point presentation, is there any chance that it could be made available in ppt, pdf etc format?

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